When you move to another country you probably already have a job. Your partner might not have one (yet) or you want to change employer after some time. Our service partners assist in making the best of your career; by giving advise on how to write a good resume, prepare you for job interviews and make you aware of the differences in culture compared to your home country.

KP Career advice

KPLoopbaanadviesKarin Pranger has a vast experience in recruitment. Having worked with both employers and employees, she knows very well what it means to find a job that fits you perfectly.
When you relocate to another country, and still want to use your skills in a different environment, Karin can help you find your way. With specific coaching, a CV-check and job interview training she will prepare you for the Dutch labor market.



If you are interested in contacting our partners in career advice, call or email the Expat Center East Netherlands: 074-2503325 or