When you move to our country you probably already have a job. Your partner might not have one (yet) or you want to change employer after some time. Our service partners assist in making the best of your career; by giving advise on how to write a good resume, prepare you for job interviews and make you aware of the differences in culture compared to your home country.

Bysonder Recruitment guarantees a professional and clear approach. They are specialized in recruiting talent with a Bachelor or Master degree (Technical and IT).
They recruit both in the Netherlands and internationally.
Recruitment is more and more about marketing. It takes time, perseverance and knowledge to find these talents and communicate with candidates. Bysonder Recruitment can support companies and find the talent they are looking for.


The QSXL workforce is a group of 25 young, ambitious, highly educated professionals, eager to discover all hidden possibilities of the virtual world. Our Search Center almost looks like the Google offices. We are a curious combination of an office, a production plant and a search lab. We are open minded, technical and above all very curious. We know quite a lot about data mining and real time sourcing techniques.At our Recruitment Centers experienced recruiters will screen all data. They conduct a personal interview and finally select the qualifying candidate. That’s why we focus on what we can do best: Searching. And that is why we are the largest privately owned Search Center of Europe.



Technisch Nederland is a part of Talent Partners Nederland Groep with headquaters in Hengelo and  flex offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We are the specialist in recruitment of (inter)national candidates for permanent and interim jobs at technical companies in the Netherlands. We have over 15 years of experience in recruitment and have a pro-active approach. This results in a network of innovative clients and technical talent. In short: we are the partner for technical talent!


If you are interested in contacting our partners in career advice, call or email the Expat Center East Netherlands: 074-2503325