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Welcome to the website of the Expat Center East Netherlands!

When you relocate to another country as an expat, you will encounter all kinds of practical issues like obtaining your work- and residence permit, to finding a house and a school for your children.
The Expat Center East Netherlands is a central point for expats living and working in the Twente Region. Our mission is to support international highly skilled migrants, scientific researchers, EU citizens and their families. We do this by providing comprehensive information and offer assistance on various topics related to international relocation.
Our goal is to make you and your loved ones quickly feel at home in Twente.

Expat Center East Netherlands will assist and inform you about relevant topics during every stage of your international relocation.
When you are still outside of the Netherlands and planning your relocation, click here for topics like obtaining a  work permit, what schools you can choose from and what to expect when you go house hunting in Twente.

Did you just arrive in the Netherlands? Here you will find the necessary information about formalities like registration, obtaining a BSN, housing and insurances.

When you’ve settled a little, other topics become important like learning Dutch, domestic services, public transportation and filing taxes. In this section information about these and many more topics is given.

Do you want to explore the area and meet other people? check out the section of News&Events about the events organised by the Expat Center East Netherlands and other fun things happening in this area.


The Expat Center is your connection to Twente !