Frequently Asked Questions:

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What services does the Expat Center East Netherlands offer?

Help you and your family to settle in and familiarise yourselves with your new living and working environment.
Assist you with the formalities like collecting the visa and work permit, registration at municipality, obtaining your social security number and opening a bank account.
Support you in finding a house, visiting the international school, and employment for your partner.
Put you in contact with our reliable partners for tax and financial advice and language courses.
Connect you with other expats in the Twente region by inviting you to our regular events.
Inform you about upcoming social events in the region.
Answer any questions you may have on daily issues.

How do I obtain a Social Security (BSN) number?

When arriving in the Netherlands you have to register at the municipality of your residence. The municipality will issue a BSN number, this might take a few days. If you register via the Expat Center East Netherlands we will invite you to our Welcome Center and you can register at the municipality of Enschede, pick up your residence pass and receive your BSN all at once. Ask your employer to contact us and we gladly make all the arrangements.

Where can I pick up my residence pass?

You can pick it up on Mondays at our Welcome Center in Enschede, here an officer of the IND will hand out your pass. The Welcome Center is open from 11.00-16.00. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Can I also have my Biometrics taken in Enschede?

Yes, this is also possible. Please have your employer contact us so we can make an appointment for you. This service is meant form knowledge migrants, scientific researchers, persons with start up visa and orientation year (search year) visa.

How can I change my driving licence?

Depending on your nationality you can either exchange your foreign driving licence at the municipality where you are registered or you have to take lessons and an exam.
For more information go to this section of our website or that of the RDW (National Vehicle Administration Agency).

30% ruling

If you make use of the 30% tax facility, you will have some benefits; it’s easier to exchange your driving license, some relocation costs can be refunded and you can opt to be treated as a partial non-resident tax payer even if you are a resident taxpayer. This means that you will not be taxed on income out of investment and savings from outside the Netherlands. For more information, please check the website of the Tax Administration or contact the financial advisor of the Expat Center East Netherlands: Elfrink Ten Bokum.

How can I find a (new) job in Twente?

Apart from using your own network, general search engines like “Indeed” and “Monsterboard” and Linked-in you can find a lot of job vacancies for internationals on