after school activitiesSports, music, art clubs and after school activities

As expats living in the Netherlands, one of the most important and efficient approach to settle in is to socialize and join in sports, music or arts clubs based on your individual interests. Meanwhile, children can also participate in various ASA (After School Activities) to enrich their lives in the Netherlands.

Popular sports in the Netherlands are soccer (voetbal), field hockey (hockey), volley-ball (volleyball) and tennis (tennis). A lot of clubs can be found in your area and the best way to choose one is to see which club your friends/collegues/children’s class mates are a member of. Most clubs offer an introductory membership, so you can have a few practise trainings first before becoming a full member.
Many more sports are practised, like swimming, ballet, water polo, judo, handball, baseball, cricket, street dancing, karate, etc.

If you want to explore the artistic talents of your children they can join art clubs where singing, playing an instrument, dancing, painting, drama and many more variations are taught.

Please note that most clubs will teach in Dutch, although teachers will mostly speak English as well.

Other activities that don’t fit these descriptions are possible as well of course. If you need help finding a club, contact the Expat Center or you can collect information from the website or newspapers from your city hall or you can always contact us for further assistance.