About DigiD
A DigiD is a digital identification method which is used to arrange several matters online with governmental organisations. For instance filing your tax returns, make an appointment with the municipality or apply for benefits.
Your DigiD consists of a username and a password of your choice. With your DigiD you get access to hundreds of Dutch government websites.

Why DigiD?
If you go to your City Hall or to the counter of a different government organisation, in many cases you will have to prove your identity using your ID card, passport or driving licence. Over the Internet, you can prove your identity by logging in with your DigiD. Government organisations will then know that it really is you they are dealing with.
Applying for a DigiD is not mandatory, but it makes some processes easier.

How does DigiD work?
Say you wish to request an excerpt from the municipal personal records database through your local council’s website. You will then automatically be redirected from the local council’s website to the DigiD login page. Here you would enter your DigiD username and password. You will then automatically be redirected to the local council’s website, where you can request the excerpt.

How to apply for your DigiD:
Go to
The application process involves a number of steps:
• Fill in your details and choose your username and password. You will need your cell phone and your Dutch Citizens Service Number (Dutch: burgerservicenummer, BSN).
• You will receive an activation code within 5 days by mail.
• You can activate your DigiD with the activation code, your username and password.
Note: your username and password are strictly personal. Therefore, make sure that you keep this information confidential and prevent others from misusing it. No-one may ask you for your username, password or activation code. Not via e-mail, not via telephone nor in any other way.

A guideline in PDF, in English, can be found in this DigiD information form. DigiD form

Extra verification via SMS
If possible, apply for your DigiD with an extra verification step via SMS. You can then also log into websites that require this additional verification. If you already have a DigiD, you can apply for the extra verification step via SMS at My DigiD.