Rent or buy a property?rentbuy

Buy or rent a house in the Netherlands is a common dilemma for expats arriving in their new surroundings. In order to make a good decision whether to buy or rent a property the most important factors you need to take into considerations is how long you are planning to live in the Netherlands and how high the current rent is.

If you paying a significant rent, +/- € 1.000 a month, the general advice is, that if you are planning to stay here more than three to five years, you are better off buying a house in the Netherlands. If you are only here for a shorter period, renting is most likely your best option. In case of renting, contract costs are fixed, repairs and maintenance are on the part of the landlord and the contract can be ended if you need to return home.


An important point, in the choice of whether to buy or rent a house, is that the mortgage interest payments are tax deductible if the house is your main residence. Your monthly expenses will be lower because of this tax refund.
Both buying and renting have got their advantages and disadvantages. Note that buying a house will take a few official steps and will cost a certain amount (which partially is tax deductible ) like getting a mortgage and finalize all at a notary.
Much will depend on the financial situation, your personal needs and the expected length of your stay in the Netherlands.

We are more than willing to help expats with the decision whether to buy or to rent a house in the Netherlands. We have several service partners who can visit houses with you and help you with all matters that occurs in obtaining a house in the Netherlands.