Special support

We know that being an expatriate brings special challenges and problems for both the expatriate and his or her family. A little special support every once in a while can be usefull.

As an expat you may face mental health challenges, living in the Netherlands far from home. You may experience difficulties adjusting to a new environment or experience feelings of loneliness and isolation as a result of being far away from your partner, family/relatives and friends. These or any other difficulties may lead to problems such as depression, anxiety or other psychological problems.

And know that many people, actually nearly everyone, regardless of maturity, disposition, previous experience abroad, or knowledge of the country in which they will be living, experiences some degree of culture shock when initially moving to a new country. Rather like the grieving process, there are stages that we go through… classic-5-stage-culture-shock-model

These “problems” can be solved, but sometimes a little help is needed.
In the Netherlands the first step is to make an appointment with your family doctor and he/she can forward you to a specialist.