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Arranging the education, finding a good school or day care for your children will be an important part of your relocation. After all; you want the whole family to be happy !
Your place of residence, nationality, your financial situation, the age of your children and how long you are likely to stay are the main factors you should consider when selecting a school in the Netherlands. Will it be an international, local or bilingual school?

Many companies reimburse international school fees as part of a relocation package, and reimbursement could be exempt from income tax (though not for all schools).

While teenagers might appreciate the educational and social continuity provided by an international school, younger children might get a greater sense of belonging by attending a local school if you plan to stay for a while. By learning Dutch well they will connect to their new world more easily. You certainly won’t be the only non-Dutch parent in the playground. If studying the International Primary Curriculum or International Baccalaureate programme, your child can transition to any global school offering the same education system.

In this section you’ll find more information about the possibilities of international and local bilingual schools (English/Dutch) in the Twente area. Also Dutch schools are mentioned in case you want your children to follow the local schooling system.

In case your children are very young of age or need after school care, the section of day care will give the necessary information.