Bilingual schools

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Besides the international schools in the area and of course the fully local, Dutch schools, your children can also follow a bilingual program. In Hengelo and Enschede this is possible only for secondary education, in Arnhem for primary education.

Montessori College Twente
This school in Hengelo offers Dutch-English bilingual secondary education (TweeTalig Onderwijs or TTO) during the first 3 years. The “HAVO – VWO” stream uses the immersion method where English is spoken as early as possible and next to extra English language classes, many subjects are taught in English. Students can obtain their Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English in year 3 and the International Baccalaureate in year six.

Sloetsweg 153
7556 HM Hengelo
Tel.: +31 (0)74 291 4629

Stedelijk Lyceum Zuid
The Stedelijk Lyceum houses the International School Twente as well as a bi-lingual program (TTO). You can choose the program that suits your children’s needs best. With the bilingual program the children are both taught in Dutch and in English and there will be more interaction with local students.

Tiemeister 20
7541 WG Enschede
Tel.: +31 (0) 53-482 1100

Rivers International school Arnhem
Curriculum at River’s Bilingual Preschool is based on the Early Learning Goals, as outlined by the Department of Education British National Curriculum.

Slochterenweg 27
Tel.: +31 26 3202822