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Children usually attend a preschool (‘peuterschool’ or ‘peuterspeelzaal’) around the age of 3. This gives them the opportunity to interact with other children in a playful manner and become accustomed to certain school-like rules. From the age of 4, children are permitted to attend school in the Netherlands and school is compulsory for children from the age of 5 to 18.

All residents in the Netherlands who need childcare due to their work or study are eligible for childcare benefit. For more information check this part of our website or visit the Dutch government site: childcare benefits.

The quality of the care meets the national standards set by the Dutch Government. Children are offered integral developmental opportunities under expert leadership in a safe environment.
Day-care (kinderdagverblijf/crèche): ‘Kinderopvang ’ offers various types of childcare for children from 0-13 years at several locations. If you would like to register your son or daughter for childcare, or have questions about your specific situation, please contact ‘Stichting Kinderopvang Enschede’.
Children who attend primary school and need after school care can use the “Buitenschoolse opvang” (BSO). You can choose a day care close to, or in the same building as the school. If a distance needs to be bridged, transportation is offered by the BSO.

Billingual Childcare

Preschool The Little Prince
This preschool offers a bilingual curriculum (Dutch and English) especially for toddlers.
Children from various nationalities are prepared here for a smooth transition to primary school here or elsewhere in the world.
Address: Bisschopstraat 41, 7513 AJ Enschede
Tel. 053-7009816

Stichting Kinderopvang Hof van Twente
This organisation offers various child care possiblities in Twente
Adres: Welemanstraat 25, 7622 HB Borne
Telefoon: 0547 727 020
Provincie: Overijssel