IST vlaggenInternational schools

In the Netherlands you are not appointed a school, so you can choose the school for your child yourself. Be aware there is no transport to and from schools provided by the government or school, apart from schools for children with special needs. Children from the age of four are first admitted to an eight-year primary school. After completion of primary school, children make a choice for their secondary education. In cases where a school offers both primary and secondary education, the transition from one educational level to the next is uninterrupted. Both local and international education is available in Twente. Possibilities of international preschool, primary and secondary education are:

Primary Education

An international primary school which is part of International school Twente (IST), where all lessons are taught in English following the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) program. The staff comprise of local teachers and teachers with English as their native language.

Address: Johannes ter horststraat 30
7513 ZH Enschede
Phone: +31 (0)53 206 80 35

Rivers International School Arnhem
In Primary, pupils are following a programme based on the National Curriculum for England and Wales adapted for use with our international children.

Address: Parnassusstraat 20, 6846 RB Arnhem
Phone: +31 (0)26 3202822

Secondary Education

International Secondary School Twente (IST)
This school is housed in Het Stedelijk Lyceum (HSL) in Enschede, offering education to students aged 11-18. HSL offers a regular Dutch, a bilingual and an international Secondary curriculum. International School Twente Secondary works with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) that offers internationally-recognised qualifications and allows students to continue their studies in The Netherlands or elsewhere.

Address: Tiemeister 20
7541 WG Enschede
Phone: +31 (0)53 482 1100

International School Eerde
ISE is the only boarding school in the Netherlands and housed on the grounds of an old mansion. The school also offers regular daily education for primary and secondary years. The IPC (International Primary Curriculum) program is followed for the primary school and IGSCE and IB for secondary school.

Address: Kasteellaan 1
7531 PJ Ommen
Phone: +31 (0)529 451 452

Rivers International School Arnhem
Based in Arnhem, Rivers offers both primary and secondary education. The secondary school offers an IB curriculum. The international staff and a variety of nationalities of the students gives a pleasant international environment.

Parnassusstraat 20, 6846 RB Arnhem
Tel.: +31 26 3202840