Roombeek Enschede huizen


The Twente region offers a great number of housing possibilites in an area that has the combination of city life and the quietness of the countryside. The number of inhabitants of the region is approximately 625,000 (4% of the total Dutch population), most of whom live in the three largest cities: Almelo, Hengelo and Enschede, the latter being the main city of the region.The Twente Region is situated in the eastern part of the Netherlands. It’s borders are defined by the Overijssel region of Salland in the northwest, Germany in the east and the province Gelderland in the south.

Finding a house can be a challenging task no matter where you live. You’ll have plenty of wishes on your “list”; close to work, close to school, easy to reach by public transportation, shops nearby, large enough for the whole family, not too expensive, etc, etc. Ticking all those boxes will be difficult, but with the help of this website and our service partners you’ll  manage.

In this section you’ll find more information on what to expect when looking for a property on the Dutch housing market and know that the service partners of the Expat Center Twente in housing can help you with your search.