This checklist will help you planning your relocation, to make sure you arrange all matters necessary.
Items marked with an asterix (*) are mandatory.
  • Register with your local embassy or consulate
  • Register with the local municipality and obtain the BSN number (social security number)*
  • Collect and/or arrange residence permit and/or work permit *
  • Arrange a local bank account
  • Arrange a local health insurance *
  • Find and register with a family doctor*
  • Find and register with a dentist
  • Obtain a driving licence or exchange your current licence
  • Get connected: arrange telecom, internet and utilities
  • Find short-term/long-term accommodation
  • Investigate schooling/childcare possibilities in the region
  • Expand your network through the events and newsletters of the Expat Center

Should you need any assistance, you can contact Expat Center East Netherlands.