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Language courses

Even though nearly all Dutch speak good English, learning some Dutch yourself is recommended. It will help you in everyday life, finding a job and Dutch people will appreciate that you have made the effort.

If you want official recognition of your Dutch language skills you will need to follow a course that offers exams within the NT2 structure.

Expat Center East Netherlands offers a Dutch Language course; “Dutch as a second language (NT2)”.

In a small group you will get personal attention and coaching while learning Dutch.
A digital Dutch language method is used as an effective guide to learn a variety of practical language skills.
The course book also provides insights in the Dutch culture.
In addition to the book you will get extra information and exercises tailor-made for your own language level and background.

Method: Via “Nederlands in gang” Book including digital method.
Price: course, including book € 445,00
Duration: 15, weekly, Lessons of 2 hours
Location: World Trade Center Twente
Industrieplein 2
7553 LL Hengelo

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Private tutoring or in-company courses

Expat Center East Netherlands works closely together with Dutch and English language trainers. They have vast experience in teaching internationals and teach private lessons, small groups or in-company with your employer. Click here for more information and how to contact them.

There are other possibilities as well to learn the Dutch language, by joining a group at ROC, University of Twente or Volksuniversiteit in Enschede.