doorkijkje landgoed Twickel

Leisure & social activities

All year round you can find things to do in your free time; sports, culture, music, shopping and going out with the children. Although we have to keep the Dutch weather in mind…

Culture & music

Every main city will have a cinema and theatre (and often a few of the latter) with a variety in music, opera’s, dance, plays and cult movies and performances.
Tickets can be bought on line or at the door, although buying in advance is advisable to make sure you’ll have the tickets you want.
Cinemas will play the international commercial movies that are not dubbed but have Dutch subtitles with the original audio (mostly English). Be aware that unlike most countries, the movies in Dutch cinemas have a break (“pause”) halfway of about 10 minutes. This gives you time to stretch your legs, buy a snack and use the toilets.

All through the Netherlands, and also in the Twente area, the popular open air music festivals are held. From May to September these festivals are held for 1 day, but sometimes also 2 days. Check this website for an overview.

Events of Expat Center Twente

Expat Center Twente organises about 20 events per year for expats and HR employees of companies. These events vary from the montly expat Meet&Greet, activities in the morning, outings in the weekend and information meetings about practical topics.

Join our events and expand your network ! Follow us on Facebook  and keep an eye one the events on this website.

Fun & shopping

Bowling, karting, billiards or laser gaming is a nice way to spend time with your friends or family. In the Twente area there are several possibilities varying from these indoor to outdoor activities like canoeing, golf or rides on solex scooters or tuk tuks.

Shopping can be done everywhere of course, and Twente offers a broad pallet of shops both big stores for furniture or clothes as well as small specialised shops with comic books, decorations and music. Huge shopping malls are not very common in the Netherlands, mostly the shops can be found in a few streets in the city centre. And as the Dutch are used to a little DIY, you’ll find plenty of specialised hardware stores with tools, paint, etc.

Fun with kids

Indoor playgrounds are common, where you can buy a big jug of lemonade for a couple of Euros and let the kids go their own way. Playgrounds ask a small entrance fee, but you can enjoy yourself all day. Sometimes a (small) restaurant is available as well so you don’t have to worry about bringing food yourself.
Outdoor playgrounds can be found in the residential area’s with a sand pit, climbing racks, soccer goals and basketball field; a great place to meet other parents and make friends.

Theme parks are ideal for a full day of amusement with the whole family. You’ll find a few in the Twente area, but much more spread all over the country. They vary from smaller parks especially for the youngest children, to a specialised roller coaster park for the older kids.


The Netherlands is a small country so everything is easy to reach: a great variety in small villages, larger cities, historical and modern cites, beaches, lakes, waterways, museums and various nature reserves.
Explore these sites by train, boat or car, or when you are at your destination: by bike!
Many interesting places will have guided tours in different languages which is a great way to learn more about the country you (temporary) live in .

For all these topics we would like to give you the tip not to forget about Germany: just across the border, you can find outlet shopping areas, fun parks and beautiful recreational area’s and swimming pools.