Public transportation

The Netherlands has an excellent transportation system and the swipe card payment system OV-chipkaart is the official transportation payment system for the train, metro, bus and tram. In the Twente area are no metro or trams, but when you visit cities like Amsterdam or Den Haag, you can use these types of transport there.


This smart card system is used throughout the Netherlands. There are two types of card:

Anonymous card
Everyone can buy one of these cards at the OV-chipkaart machines at the stations, at the service desk at each of the larger stations or order one online. This card cost €7,50. You can load this card at the OV-chipkaart machines at any metro or train station or you can arrange from your personal bank account to “load” this card automatically.

Personal card
For this card you need to make an account and can use the card like a season or discount cards. Several public transportation products can be charged on the card.
You can pay for the distance travelled by swiping it upon entering or leaving your transport station.
For further information about these cards, please visit the website (in English)

Practical information

The Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) is the national train company. For further information about NS seasonal tickets or discounts (e.g. dal voordeel abonnement, which include up to 40 percent discount off the price of your tickets and to up to three other people traveling with you) please see the NS website and specials day/weekend offers find here.
In order to plan your travels precisely, you can check the website up to your departure point till your arrival address in the following website:
Special offers on public transportation are published regularly by NS but also stores like Kruidvat, Blokker or Hema. Usually in combination with a snack, coffee or even entrance ticket to a museum. Check these websites for details.