Language and Culture

Expat Center East Netherlands works closely together with reliable service partners in order to offer the best service you need as company and expat in Twente. Learning a new language will take time, but with these language trainers you can learn or improve your Dutch and English. We proudly work together with:


EducamThe Dutch language trainer of Educam, Carolina van Puffelen, has taught Dutch to expat families abroad and at several international oriented companies in the East of the Netherlands.
People enter a course with different skills and backgrounds. Educam aims at getting the desired result for every person by customizing the course. After a personal intake interview a method of approach is set up according to level, group size and study materials.
Courses can be designed for individuals as well as small groups (3-8 persons).




ennefHetty van der Sijp started her teaching career in the UK where she lived for 24 years. After her return to the Netherlands in 2005, Hetty established Ennef, providing enjoyable, efficient and affordable training to businesses and individuals with great course flexibility and a sharp focus on what each student needs and his or her learning process. Lessons are delivered on a one-to-one basis or to small groups, face-to-face or online. Her language lessons to expats come with useful tips on how to adapt quickly to Dutch society and how to mingle with the Dutch.    So if you are looking to learn English or Dutch from scratch or wish to take your language skills to the next level.



Want to speak real-life, social conversational Dutch? Flowently’s unique ‘live language sessions’ makes it much easier. Identify your goals and start learning Dutch in real life situations with a private tutor. Our services: Dutch Courses for Expats, available for all language levels, Dutch for Kids, In-company Individual & Groups, Welcome Session, Intercultural Awareness Workshops, other languages. Flowently offers customised flexibility, from 8am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday, in 60 cities in NL.

Meet the locals and have fun!  


Hannie Kaarsmaker

Hannie KaarsmakerHannie has a vast experience in teaching Dutch and cultural courses to internationals at the University of Twente and the Volksuniversiteit Enschede. She taught Dutch on NT2 level and offers the training in small groups or as private tutoring. Companies who are interested in using her services can put together a group of international employees, which she can teach in-company. Hannie is flexible in hours and location and offers tailor made lessons for all levels.




 Mundus Relocation prepares expats to adapt smoothly to their new environment by providing efficient language training in the local language and cultural training to understand the habits and culture of the destiny country.



Noortje ter Heege

After years of experience in primary education Noortje realized more and more how important it is to learn a language, especially when you live in a foreign country. She decided to teach foreign students and expat-families. Learning Dutch not only increases opportunities for study and employment, it also helps to build an easy life as a foreigners and make you feel more at home. Noortje is specialized in providing custom-made Dutch lessons, concentrating on meeting the needs and wishes of the client. Together you will determine your level, set your goal(s) and start a tailor-made course with optimal results. You can focus on your conversational skills, but also cover listening, reading, writing, pronunciation and grammar. With Noortje you will work individually or in small groups.


Natasja van Dulmen

Van Taal was founded in 2010 by Natasja van Dulmen. As a qualified and fully certified language trainer, she works mainly with expats and students. Occasionally, language courses ‘Dutch in the workplace’ are also provided. In all cases the aim is to achieve the best results from every language learner. Even though the lessons are demanding, they are interesting and fun. Van Taal is based in Deventer, but also operates in the Twente region.


If you are interested in contacting one of our partners in language training, call or email the Expat Center East Netherlands: 074-2503325 or