Thinking of hiring foreign professionals?
The Expat Center East Netherlands offers a wide range of services to support you with internationalisation of your company and the relocation of your new international employee. We inform you on immigration formalities and procedures. If required we can take care of every detail and be the contact for you with the Immigration service (IND). Please contact us to learn more about the possibilities, we gladly explain in person.

We provide comprehensive information to expats who work or are interested in the east of the Netherlnads. They can contact us for any question they might have on topics like insurances, taxation, housing, schools, language, etc. This way we save your HR-department a lot of time. Also we provide a Dutch course for beginners and more advanced students.

One of our most important services is our Welcome Center at the municipality of Enschede. All formalities for the just arrived employee can be taken care of at one central point. When living in the Zwolle or Deventer region we will make the appointments with the muncipality and IND.

Attracting talent and keeping the talent is a challenge for both the employer and the employee. The Expat Center East Netherlands contributes by organising events on a regular basis. Activities ranging from a city walk or family outing to information meetings on taxation and healthcare are organised by us for your international staff.

By becoming corporate partner of the Expat Center East Netherlands you will benefit even more from our services.