visa application formFormalities

You can apply for a Visa and Residence Permit through the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).
The BSN number is provided by the Dutch municipality, in which the foreign professional is going to live. A work permit must be applied for at UWV.

Entry and residence permit

The Dutch employer or host organisation of the foreign professional is required to apply for the entry visa and residence permit (TEV, Toelating en Verblijf). You can make use of the accelerated procedures for highly skilled migrants or scientific researchers, by becoming a recognised sponsor (erkend referent) with IND.
The exact procedure to follow depends on several things like the nationality of your foreign employee, duration of stay, type of visa.
You can choose to apply for immigration formalities yourself, or you can authorise Expat Center East Netherlands to apply on your behalf. Please contact us for more information.

Recognised sponsor

Becoming a recognised sponsor with IND has benefits but you have to meet some requirements as well. To hire highly skilled migrants and scientific researchers, your company has to be recognised by the IND, you will become a reliable partner for the IND and procedures after this will be easier. After your organisation has been recognised, it will be entered in the Public Register for Recognised Sponsors.

Your company will undergo a check and a fee must be paid. A difference in fee is made between companies until 50 employees and larger companies.

Work permit

A work permit is always required for working in the Netherlands, although some categories of foreign professionals and some nationalities are exempt from this obligation. The employer or host institute need to apply for the work permit at UWV werkbedrijf.

Expat Center East Netherlands will be happy to support you in applying for the work permit on your behalf. Please contact us for more information.

BSN number

After arriving in the Netherlands, the foreign professional needs to register with the municipality where he/she will reside to obtain the Burger Service Nummer (BSN). This number is needed for the financial (salary) department of the employer, opening a bank account, start insurances and sometimes renting a house.
Expat Center East Netherlands offers the possibility to register, obtain the BSN, receive information about living and working in the Netherlands and collect the residence pass, all in one appointment. At our Expat Welcome Center in the Stadskantoor in Enschede, we offer this service every Monday.
Please note that only migrants who register to reside in Enschede will obtain the BSN during the appointment. When residing in the other supporting municipalities (Hengelo, Almelo, Oldenzaal, Borne, Hof van Twente) the migrant’s documents will be checked but the BSN will be send to the home address a few days later.

Partner and family

When working in the Netherlands for a longer period, your foreign professional may want to bring family members. The foreigner is considered to be the sponsor for any family members staying in the Netherlands. He/she needs to apply for the visa and residence permit for his/her family members and he/she is responsible for any family members staying in the Netherlands. The visa and residence permit application for family members can be transferred to the employer or host institute of the foreign professional.

Expat Welcome Center

As mentioned in the section “BSN number” the Expat Center East Netherlands hosts the Welcome Center in the Stadskantoor of Enschede every Monday. Together with the Immigration Service (IND), municipalities of Enschede, Hengelo, Almelo, Oldenzaal, Borne and Hof van Twente we offer this service.

During the “Full” appointment at the Welcome Center, newly arrived expats will receive information about living and working in the Netherlands, they can ask any question they have, will be registered at the municipality to obtain the BSN and can collect the residence pass from the IND. It is also possible to have biometrics (photo and fingerprints) taken and have a residence/work notification sticker (Verblijfsaantekening / VA sticker) placed.

These services are meant specifically for knowledge migrants, scientific researchers (directive 2005/71/EG), migrants who applied for a start-up visa or an orientation year visa and their families.

The Expat Welcome Center is open every Monday, between 11.00 – 16.00

Address: in the Stadskantoor, Hengelosestraat 51, Enschede

Please make an appointment with the Expat Center East Netherlands to arrange the following formalities in one all inclusive visit:

  • Registering at the municipality (will also be arranged in Enschede for Hengelo, Oldenzaal, Almelo, Borne and Hof van Twente )
  • Obtaining the BSN . When you will reside in Enschede, the expat will receive the BSN during the appointment, for the other municipalities it will be send by mail within a few working days
  • Collecting the residence permit or taking fingerprints and photo
  • Introduction meeting with an Expat Center East Netherlands staff member where practical information is given about living and working in the Netherlands.

An appointment is also required for:

  • Obtaining a residence/work notification sticker (VA sticker)
  • Only collecting your new residence permit in case of extension, renewal or change of purpose of stay
  • Only taking biometrics (fingerprints and photo)

The fee is for:

  • Full appointment: € 90.00 (excl. VAT) for non-corporate partners and € 65,00 (excl. VAT) for our corporate partners
  • Only collection of a residence pass € 35,00 (excl. VAT) for non-corporate partners and € 25,00 (excl. VAT) for corporate partners
  • Only collection of a residence pass € 25,00 (excl. VAT) for Orientation Year Visa.
  • Taking biometrics and obtaining VA sticker € 35,00 (excl. VAT)  for non-corporate partners and € 25,00 (excl. VAT) for corporate partner

No payment is needed during the appointment; an invoice will be send afterwards, except for Orientation Year visa migrants: they can pay the fee upon arrival by pin / debet card.

You can contact Expat Center East Netherlands to make an appointment for your foreign professional by calling us at 074 -250 3325 or sending an email to