Your international employee might have a lot of questions about taxation, but you as employer will face some new issues as well.

Did you think of:

  • The 30% ruling – this tax facility allows you as employer to cover 30% of an employee’s remuneration as a tax-free expense allowance. This rule only applies to specialised foreign employees who are brought to the Netherlands because their skills are scarce (“kennismigranten”
  • Informing your international employee about the financial consequences when buying a house, taking out a mortgage or set up savings.
  • The differences between the Dutch fiscal system and that of the home country of your new employee. Especially in the years he or she arrives in the Netherlands and leaves again, filing taxes can be a challenging matter.

Expat Center East Netherlands works together with  international tax advisors who can guide you and your international staff through the maze of (international) taxation.

Elfrink ten Bokum characterise their services by a strong sense of entrepreneurship and fiscal creativity. Their tax advisers work on a daily basis guiding and advising individuals (and companies) who emigrate, as well as with foreign expats who come to the Netherlands to live and work.  Their services range from giving advice on the optimal arrangement of financial matters, to providing assistance in settling practical matters with the Dutch tax authorities. These include income tax returns pertaining to both immigration and emigration, as well as matters regarding the 30% tax ruling.

BELANA Financial Management in Enschede does financial and legal support. Taxes, insurances, mortgages, accountancy, business immigration – this is not a full list of services they offer to make your stay in the Netherlands financially successful. Well begun is half done!