How to become a partner

Together with our partners in housing, Dutch and English language training, career advice and finance we offer a service package to both companies and their highly skilled international employees (expats). We make the process of relocation as smooth as possible and make the east of the Netherlands an attractive area to live and work.

Do you offer services applicable for expats? Than you can become a service partner of the Expat Center East Netherlands by joining the Partnership Program.

Working together with the Expat Center team through the Partnership program means:

– We will refer expats and companies to you to use your services
– Publish your information on the Expat Center websites and in the Welcome Guide for newly arrived expats
– Publish your company events on the Expat Center calender and social media
– As a new partner you will be introduced in the newsletters for HR staff (in Dutch) and expats (in English) and our other social media
– For an additional fee you will have the opportunity to organise workshops during events the Expat Center organises.

From our partners we ask that their communication (website, flyers, brochures, etc.) is in English, they speak English themselves (and preferably more languages), have experience with and understand the needs of this specific group and are willing to undergo a regular evaluation.

Our partners pay an anual fee which, depending on the size and type of the organisation, will be a set amount or a percentage of the revenue made possible directly by the Expat Center East Netherlands.

Do you want to know more about our services and the possibilities to become a partner? Please contact the Expat Center to make an appointment by calling 074-2503325 or sending us an email: