Over the years Expat Center Twente has worked for companies in the east of the Netherlands, organised events and assisted expats during their relocation.

Here you find their comments on their experiences with our services;


Apollo Vredestein
Lianne Kippers, HR manager

“In the past few years our company has experienced a strong internationalization. The fast growth of the company required us to look for new talents not only within the Netherlands, but also across the borders. To have an Expat Center in Twente is of good help for us and our international employees. The people from the Expat Center Twente are always willing to help us with expat-related questions and their website is a great source of information. Moreover, through the cooperation between the Expat Center Twente, IND, and Gemeente Enschede, our employees and their families receive a BSN, their residence permit and important information about working and living in Twente, in only one appointment”

Ingemar Methorst, HR manager

“It’s very important for Xsens that our new staff is welcomed and served quickly so we gladly use the Expat Center Twente. They respond quickly and and think with us to serve our needs. Apart from that, I’ve got little time myself to keep up with all the constantly changing ruland and regulations, so I ask the Expat Center my question and I can use the given answers. This way I can spend my time on other matters. They also offer the opportunity for our internationals to meet others so they feel at home in Twente as soon as possible.”

University of Twente
Cecile Schouten, Ellen van Erven, Immigration Advisors International Staff

“University of Twente apporached Expat Center Twente to see if they could assist in registration and issuing the social security number (BSN) for employers from outside the EU. This resulted in the special office in the Stadskantoor with municipality Enschede and Immigration & Naturalisation Service (IND). Every Monday they are present to arrange the registration, issue the residence permit, to answer questions and give informationen for the migrants.  The experience with Expat Center Twente is good. We work closely together to optimise the cooperation and services of this organisation which is becoming more and more mature.”



Ketakee Nesarikar from India – Meet & Greet
” The Meet&Greet was awesome!! Looking forward to meet new people in coming Tuesday meetings. Thanks!”

Luis Garcia from Venezuela- Meet & Greet
“Nice meeting-gatgering to get to know people who had or is having similar experiences than me.”

Kaniska Chowdhury from India – CV workshop
“It was a very helpful workshop. The teacher is very friendly. I learned so many things about CV and also clear so many confusions about job.”

Baiba Kuperus from Latvia – Meet & Greet
“Coming to the Netherlands hasn’t been my first time living abroad. And, as every relocation involves much of rebuilding the life from scratch, I was faced with that also here in Enschede.

The Meet & Greet events organized by Expat Centre have provided a much needed opportunity for me to meet other expatriates and build more professional network here. Meet & Greet is  a great occasion to exchange experiences and learn more about the professional settings of Twente area in a more relaxed and fun way.”

Didem & Toprak & Serhat Ergin from Turkey- Ice skating event
“The ice-skating day was really fun! We enjoyed it very much. It was not my and my son’s first time but my husband’s. So he was excited a little bit. But after he saw that he could hold still and skate properly in an hour, he was satisfied with ice-skating and with himself 🙂 Thanks to the teachers!

On the other hand, due to my son and I already can skate, it was fantastic for us from the very beginning till the end. Being with other people, skating together as if we are a team, made us happy! I even improved my skill with a very good tip that comes from another expat, a friend! And my son forgot that he was on the ice while he was trying to play hockey.. After the activity, we had a chance to rest a little while and to share our experience with others while we were having our drinks and soups. So, we were satisfied, indeed. Expat center got us together. Thank you all!”

Nate from United States – various events
“Moving to the Netherlands has been one of the most terrifying and exciting things I have ever done.  I experienced quite a bit of alienation and loneliness in the Twente region, but after having contacted the Expat Center, life took a nice upward swing. I really enjoyed the city tours, the drinks at bars, and especially the food.  The greatest part about the Expat Center was the chance to meet others and hear about their experiences, mistakes, as well as all the wonderful things that have happened to them while being here.”